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04February Spring Fundraising Events


17May Summer Stroll - Kenilworth
24September Bike Ride to Dol-y-moch!

The Friends of Plas Dol y  Moch are now fundraising to help buy a set of bikes for use at the centre. We have recently had two successful events which has helped towards this.
This will be a great and exciting addition to the activities at the centre, providing an opportunity for children to be trained in their use, then put their training to the test on a track at the centre !

One of the members of staff from the centre, though it would be a great advertisement for this venture, to organise a bike ride from Coventry to Plas Dol y Moch !

The bike ride will leave Coventry from the Transport Museum on Friday 1st May at 12.30PM  and we would be very pleased to see any of you that can be there to give the riders a really good send off !!!

They are planning to get to Dol y Moch on Sunday, cycling all the way, with two overnight stops !
We wish them all the best and a safe journey!

Please use the button below to donate as much as you can to help provide a collection of mountain bikes for the children of Coventry to use when they are at Plas Dol y Moch.






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Events Calendar

Quizzes at Christ the King social club
Friday, October 2nd, 7.30pm

Prices: £6pp non members, £5pp for members

Beetle Drive
Saturday 14th November

7pm - 9:30, all ages very welcome
Corley Village Hall

Friends Christmas do - "Winter Wonderland"
Friday 11th December - to include buffet, disco, ter games, 12o'clock bar
Christ the King social club

 to include buffet, disco, ter games, 12o'clock bar

£12 pp